In order to enter Portuguese territorty, foreign citizens need: 

  • To carry a valid travel document with an expiration date of at least 3 months from the duration of their stay;
  • To have a valid visa that suits the purpose of their stay;
  • To own enough means of subsistence for the period of their stay;
  • Cannot be enrolled neither in SEF's Integrated Information System nor in the Schengen's Information System.

Note: Foreign citizens that enter Portuguese territory through an uncontrolled border, must declare this to SEF (Immigration and Borders Service) within 3 working days starting from their date of entry in Portugal. However, the following foreign citizens do not need to do this: residents ou people authorized to stay in the country for over 6 months; people benefiting from a community scheme or equivalent services; and people installed in hotel or similar establishments. (Please refer to the following website for additional information)

◊  If you hold a current Australian driving licence and require to drive in Portugal, please click here for more information.

Do not send incomplete applications, as they will not be processed!



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