The associativism is one of the most important forms of social organization and a key tool that satisfies our needs as humans through various social, educational, recreational, cultural, political and economical manifestations.  

The significant increase of initiatives and movements by the portuguese communities has been very important in demonstrating the strenght of the cultural bond and also as a sign of integration in the host countries. 

The challenges posed by passing this on to the new generations, call upon a reflection on the sustainability of the initiatives, on the rigorness of the allocation of different supports, and also on the conditions of obtaining means given the growing complexity of relations within societies stimulated by globalization. 


Decree-Law 124/2017, of the 27th of September

Regulation 305/2017, of the 17th of October


Application Form - Electronic Version

Application Form - Manual Version

Final Report - Electronic Version

Final Report - Manual Version

Supporting Documentation

Informative Brochure

Good Practice Booklet


Presentation: Allocation of Financial Support

Presentation: Sample Project Programme

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